Mac Users have a limited choice when it comes to scrapers. A very good product, which produces some beautiful rendered backdrops and posters, is the excellent DuneX, a freeware application written for the popular Dune media player. Unfortunately this application does not produce all the necessary files to fully exploit the new mede8er Video Jukebox…

Here's where DuneX2Mede8er comes into play!

With its
easy to use GUI, which close resembles that of DuneX, you can:
generate proper XML files for each of your movie
build mede8er.db on the fly, needed for v. 2 GUI XML Search
fix bad movie info, searching for data on TheMovieDB website
manage the all-new (firmware v. 2.07) TV Series Jukebox

Requires: OS X 10.6+, a mede8er player with Firmware 2.03+, DuneX v.0.8.6+
A quick user guide is available online and as a PDF in the download section...
DuneX2Mede8er now uses the Sparkle framework for automated updates!

Download DuneX2Mede8er here!